Thanks Madge, for your post. I had read it the day you wrote it but had not come around to reply sooner. It still *is* difficult to deal with my hb looking at porn sometimes, but when I feel strong I can stop myself from worrying too much about it. Lately I have been feeling quite strong, especially since I am due any day within the next 5 weeks to deliver our second child (we have a son, expecting a daughter now) so I am focussing on *me* more and on *my* health/wellbeing instead of my husband’s.

He needs to walk the walk, which I think he is doing. He switched to another type of medication now – to help with his ADD and help him focus on the task at hand (his studies, for example). I am not sure what to think, since he does not always involve me in his feelings. He does ‘share’ his feelings with ‘fellow recovering addicts’ regularly (twice per week at least) at the GA meetings he goes to. I am glad, when he comes home he seems relieved and calm.

Sending you strength and love.