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Sitting here with having 4 hours of sleep! Once I’m up I’m up! Everything is good here but my Granddaughter’s sleep times. The Dr’s advice is to not let her nap. Yep! I’ve done that. I thpught about giving her low dose of melatonin but her Dr. isn’t keen on it. Not enough research on long lasting affects. So I won’t go that route!
Really getting into the Carr book. RG, I can see where it has to be reread several times.
I saged my house yesterday. I’m hoping to get rid of bad energy and forces. Many of my family members are psychic. I can’t really get into details. I think my Granddaughter is also. She has said a few things that make me believe so. I’m wondering if that is messing with her sleep?
I was thinking of my major gambling days, right after I had retired. I would stay in the casino for 12 hours plus! I didn’t eat. I would take out my daily cash limit from the ATM and then go to the cashier for cash advances. The thought of wasting all of that money is sickening!! Whatever I won was put back into the machines the next day. I never had a BIG WIN. I only contributed to the casino. It was a lonely time!!! I never want to relive that again!!! It almost did me in, both physically and mentally. Some lessons are hard and painful.