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Well today I got up early and went to the shop. On the way I was talking to a neighbour about the electricity when Pete walked in. I swore I saw him look at my neighbour with a territorial glint in his eye. Strange I thought and somewhat amusing.
Considering we have a four hour group this evening no one in when I went in, just missed you again idi. I have spent today reading and finishing Russell brands book in addiction. It was good. Quote, it is alright for you you may think again, and I wouldn’t blame you. It is alright for me but it wasn’t always so, at least I didn’t see it. I felt I pounded and hopeless and it all changed. It became this life as if that was always what had been intended. As if some force was waiting for me to invite it Into my life, when I was ready, ready to let go of all my illusions of misery and power, potency and shame. Unquote.
Because of what has occurred recently with my son I feel like I want to get back on the 12 steps of recovery programme. It has been happening for me anyway without consciously doing it. It looks like I am on step 4 whilst I was completing step 1 when on the ga programme.
Just finished my work and about to pour kettles in the bath for some hot water. Hey ho, only urgent at weekends if all electric goes and I have half a hour of electricity.
Ah well …