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Monica, Money isn’t everything! I remember the endless phone calls and letters. It stopped when I went on my consolidation plan. It’s all a tiring experience. I’m sure your bankruptcy will go through before my debts ate repaid. I am trying! I believe everyone comes into you life for a reason. My friends are all very different people. Some have money and some have little. The ones with little are some of the most
generous people. It’s sad that people end their lives over money. I’ve had lean times and I’m sure I will on the future but I’m prioritizing what is important and trying to not get depressed. It will pass. My neighbor called this morning and asked if I would take her to the Dr’s this afternoon. I told her no and didn’t feel any guilt. Her Son came home early and took her. Our relationship consists of me taking her places. I’m nice but don’t want to be taken advantage of. Saying no is getting easier. No gambling thoughts today. Feeling blessed.