Monique thank you for your welcome and concern. I do understand your point about my importance in the home. I guess to try and clarify my previous statement…. I do feel valued in the home and that his earning are as much mine, but thats just it. I dont feel his earnings are all mine. Gambling is the only money he spends I get to spend the rest. Though it is on bills, groceries, and necessities mostly Im the one that gets to do the spending. His only enjoyment from his hard earned income is his gambling. I dont mind that, in theory, the problem comes with the compulsion on his part when he cannot stop until it is all gone (which is not every time but when it happens it is a huge set back for us) . I feel for now I can manage only allowing “what we can afford” Im sure the day will come when I am faced with a battle for him wanting more and I hope I am strong enough to stand my ground. That is why you guys have become so important to me. You all give me strength. I no longer feel defeated. I feel supported. I have an army behind me and for that today I smile!