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Hi all,
My mood has lifted somewhat today with glimpses of the Monica I used to be. May that continue. She is in there somewhere, just waiting to be uncovered and just in two days out of the past two months, I have felt myself return. I wonder if it has something to do with the poetry. I liked getting creative and think I will do some more.
Went to see my Gp this morning who I haven’t seen in ages, at least two years. sawa not so nice Gp last time. She is a lovely person and I felt joy ooze out of me at seeing her. What’s that about? She took a long time with me and did not know where to start!
Anyway bottom line
Chest infection with crackles and wheezes, take triple therapy for helicobacter as will help with the chest infection.
Smoking cessation services shifted to the local authority a few years ago and they have canned these. Have to do it yourself now. Shocking, should never have shifted from health.
Referral to colorectal surgeon for the cramps to be on the safe side. Strong family history of colon problems and with colon cancer and with my history does not want to take any risks.
Appalled at six month wait for counselling, mentioned other patients had issues too with the wait. Get the tories out folks.
Advised to not return to any work until at least end November to sort both physical and mental health problems out. Will,need to find some ways of making money before then.