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Just had a phone call from my GP to say not to be alarmed but making the referral along the Two week colon cancer pathway just to ensure that I am seen quickly. I do not think I have colon cancer. I have something wrong there but do not think it is that. If it is then I shall just accept it and not run away. I have run from a lot of things in life, certainly had run away twice from home before I was 15 but for good reasons.

I rang my mum which I had been putting off as I do not like to call her when I am feeling low as she has also had her fair share of health problems. She has had problems since cataract surgery in July and may need to have it done again. She had this done at a private facility referred by the NHS. Private not better folks. Her vision has deteriorated again today and she has been waiting a long time for an eye appointment as there are long waits. She also has a hole in her pupil. Advised her to call her Gp to accelerate getting seen. She has developed a rare complication from the surgery. So typical of the women in our family!
She noticed the improvement in my mood and said I sounded like myself again. I actually feel happy today for no good reason. The only difference I can see is that I wrote a poem, which felt good, and I prayed last night along with a TV evangelist. It was quite an inspiring prayer. I love those when they say, pain gone, financial breakthrough, illness gone, in Jesus mighty name. Makes me good just at the thought of it. When I started out doing healing courses in 2010 just before I got cancer, I did one with pippa merivale, (saved by an angel book). I just got an email to do a free Christ activation as like many others she has also observed there has been a huge resurgence in following Christ. So I signed up,for that. The problem I have with the Church and alpha is that to me any denomination can follow Christ and I am respectful of other religions. I also do not like the Christian gay stance so that finding a church that is inclusive of all is difficult. So will do pippas course and see how that goes.