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So glad to hear your daughter is doing so well, Lizbeth.
I prayed a lot for your girl. Your support allowed her to recover her life. She will never forget that.
Mothers have a difficult task. Some just can’t cope with the duty that is bestowed on us. I have made many mistakes. The blessing of children often turns to a burden when we run into difficulties. I’m guessing your own mom has a lot of unresolved issues which she never learned to cope with . She will not change at this stage of life.
Looking forward instead of dwelling on the past has been your saving grace, Liz.
Despite all your trials, you have come up trumps.
You are an inspiration to all.
I have been blessed with two grandchildren in the last two months. I only hope I can be a fraction of the granny that you are. Already I find myself being over protective. We have to remember that God is in charge. All we can do is our best, then let go.
Gambling can destroy all our efforts.
Well done on all your wonderful achievements.