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My biggest tip would be to not stick our head in the sand, it never helps and ignoring things just makes them worse.

Only carry the cash you need on a daily basis. That of course is a good barrier against gambling but it also helps save money. It stops us making impulse buys that we later regret. It also stops us buying extra snacks, chocolates, wine on the way home etc – In fact the “no cash diet” is probably as least as good as any slimming plan out there 😉

Then when we have stopped gambling, battle inertia. How long have we been with our utility supplier? How long have whatever savings we have been in that account earning next to no interest? What better deals are out there?

For those with debts there is a lot of help out there as well, much of it free, if we can’t get things to a manageable position ourselves then use that help.

Good idea for a thread.