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Well, it didn’t quite go to plan but I had a brilliant day. I got a text from my daughter cancelling the trip as she had not slept and her husband would not be home. Suggested this weekend. Cancelling such things is not new, it is quite a common occurrence with my daughter. But I was ok with this and texted my eldest son Ben. Well, he asked me to ring my hairdresser and book a colour. I thought she would be too busy but she wasn’t and my son paid for me to have a colour which I haven’t had since January. He said it took ten years off me.
Pete had forgotten it was my birthday but he still cooked scrambled eggs and cheese on toast for breakfast. He went out at lunchtime and bought me chocs, cigs and a bottle of cava. I could barely drink half a glass. I had a lot of good wishes from friends on Facebook, and that was nice. My sister and mum rang me. My eldest granddaughter sent me a lovely message saying she missed me. In the evening I met my son and his girlfriend for dinner at Joanna’s. The bill for 3 came to 170 quid and my son paid. He laid out a lot of money for me over the past 2 days but said that I had done this in drovesinthepast and it was payback time. I said I would really want it to go back the other way. I mean, really…. Not for the first time, I realised that I was terrible at receiving. My son said he was not that good at it either. That dinner was really lovely and I was incredibly grateful for the fabulous day. My hairdresser said I deserved good things to happen and she was sure life would get better for me. So much better than my 50th, in which I think pete stood me up for dinner!
It is possible to have great days in recovery when still being in a mess!
I read idis post about something saying recovery is six months. Not sure I agree with this one as I did 9 months first time round but wasn’t in recovery. I did not understand the addiction then. I do now.
Well I fell asleep early last night after a brilliant day and feel a little tired today but ok.