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My Cousin (the one who I went to San Diego with) is here for a few days. I spent the day with her and my Mother. We made some more cookies and had a nice dinner together. I took the rest of the cookie ingredients home with me so I could make some more before Christmas. My Mother acts like she really doesn’t want to make them. I have made the last 3 batches and she helped me box them up. She acts like she is just going through the motion. That’s too bad as I thought it would be something that we could do together. After Thanksgiving I have talked her into going to the city for 3-4 days. I am really surprised that she has agreed to go. We have no shopping mall here so I am going to take her to her favorite stores. Her next door neighbor is going to take care of her dog. She will have her own bedroom at my Daughter’s home so she can rest when she wants to. I have told her that we can go home when she is ready. I am keeping my fingers crossed that everything goes well and that we can have a good time!! I am going grocery shopping tomorrow for the rest of my Thanksgiving dinner. My Cousin remarked on me losing weight today. It was nice to hear. I have been real vigilant in my diet and exercising. It is hard especially when we are baking cookies. I feel like I am doing well in regards to my health, both physically and mentally. I am getting excited now about Thanksgiving and having everyone here for dinner. It just takes me some time to get there.