How you have been in my thoughts since you made your post! I have been in our own personal hell here but wanted you to know I am thinking of you so much and how proud I am of you for standing your ground.

You are right – this addiction does suck – but you are fighting back – being strong for yourself and your children by not allowing this addiction back into your life.

I support you 100% and can imagine how hard is has been going from feeling better to all of a sudden be dragged back down into the dirt by your CG. But you are strong – stronger than this addiction and I urge you to follow your gut and don’t look back – Like you had said to me, no tears today and no prayers – just quietly (loudly for me!) urging you on – forward, in your own life with your own joys.

I have more to say but must run – Know I am thinking of you and sending loving and supportive thoughts your way. You can do this – you already have – stand your ground and never look back- your continued happiness awaits.

Thanks for sharing and being an inspiration for me. Knowing that set backs come up and seeing how your handled yours with such grace and determination only furthers to urge all of here at GT to grasp our own recovery and never let go.

Sending love (and cookies if I could!)