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My husband and I switched from our bank to a Federal Credit Union. They offer benefits for clients over 55, like free checks and no monthly service fees. Having a new checking account also feels like a new beginning, wiping the slate clean. No more record of my ATM withdrawals for or at the casino. Seeing those statements was like a knife to my heart and, weirdly, made me want to gamble all the more. Also, it feels good to be working on this together. My husband has always been the major bread winner and has kept me out of the finances. Even when I told him about my losses, he just took care of it and we never discussed it. Of course, we both knew the damage being done to our marriage and our finances. My gambling was not the only reason our finances went south. I think as things got worse, I gambled more. Some crazy fantasy of being able to save the day. No more fantasies.
We also opened up a credit card account at the Credit Union and have transferred most of our credit card debt from other cards to that account. The interest rate for our new card is less than half of what it is with the other credit card companies.