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My husband is now hoping to take out an IVA to clear all his debts, I’ve told him that he needs to seek professional help!! He says he’s going to come on here. Time will tell. I’m struggling daily to deal with this as I had so many plans for our future. He’s now spending what bit of credit he’s got on materialistic things. Clothes for our son, he bought a TV for our room, a new vaccumm cleaner. He said it makes him feel better buying things. He’s bought our son his Xmas present. He’s booked me and my friend in to a spa for the day ( he has done that before just as a treat for my bday) but not just for nothing. My friend thinks it’s so lovely. I habit old her yet as I’ve not seen her to talk to and I feel I can’t text her about it.

I’m so confused. It would have been easier for me to deal with if he’d had an affair xx