I thought it might be an idea for me to keep a record of Non-enablement days to help me keep strong. If I can record my feelings and actions this I think would help me to stay on the right track, so here goes.

Day One – I will call yesterday Day One as this is the first contact with my cg asking for money and my reply of ‘No.’ He asked me quite late on, asking if I would buy him some food (I can order and pay for a takeaway online). I said, ‘No sorry, I am tired and now going to bed’. I turned off the computer and my telephone and breathe a huge sigh. This morning there was a reply of ‘Oh wow … :(‘. I felt okay that I had got through that one.

Day Two – today. Another request for a small amount of money to buy toilet paper, food and tobacco. I had a very small amount of his money left so told him that amount I could send him but not what he wanted. He says he has an upset stomach and no toilet paper. I tell him to shower, drink water and go to the doctors if he is really ill. IF its true, I do feel sorry for him but I can’t be sure. I must not buckle to the ‘mother’s guilt’. Still some hours of this day to go, but remaining strong.