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My night time post – so I made it through day 14- when I wake tomorrow I will be on week three . Can’t quite believe it .

I went to the shop late tonight and when I was paying at the till I had a strange urge to go home and gamble .
In reality it was more like a deja vu but just goes to show how deeply ingrained the habit is – many times I was impatient to make my late night purchase so I could get back to my great love – gambling. That was also the shop where I set up many of my methods to get around every barrier known to man.

I guess I had an urge , I dealt with it and I’m moving on.

I start week three tomorrow.
Geordie is very right when he tells me to get to GA.
I need to go . I need all the support I can get .

I managed to make it to a group tonight and people pointed out that I have had a really bad week and still didn’t gamble and that is real progress . I hadn’t thought of that so it kinda made me feel pleased and somehow even more motivated .

Now that week three is about to begin I am thinking can I make it to four weeks? – I am impatient – I want to see the days clock up. I am also aware that impatience is one of my character flaws which led me to gamble – so I am trying to keep focused on today .

That’s me until morn.