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My son has a day off from school tomorrow for Veteran’s Day. I decided to take the day off with him. He says he hates that I will be off with him. I am probably ruining some of his plans! Good;) He is always up to something. Mostly he is a great teenager. Terrific grades and brilliant at school. He is also the curse my mother placed on me when I was a teen. “I hope you have a child just like you!” I was a liar as a teenager. Always aguing with my parents. Always into something not good. He is going to be a great man. I just have to make sure he lives through these years.
So I will spend some time with him. Make him go to the grocery store with me. Make him get some of the homework done. He is a terrible procrastinator (like me).
On the recovery front…. I think I might be going a little
crazy. I am finding that logging onto my computer at work, makes me think about the slots. Going into a public restroom makes me think of the casino. Knowing I had the day off tomorrow made me think of going to the casino when I got in my car today. These are just momentary thoughts, but still…enough already.
I am thankful there are no other venues within 2hours of here and they aren’t really the venue I want. ( I know this, because I looked it up a couple of days ago.) What a crazy thing this is in my brain. I looked up to see if I could go somewhere else and gamble!! What??
11/14/14 will be one month. Only one month and it feels like a VERY long time. I learned something from all these journals. One day at a time.