I’m 64yr old mum of 3. Middle son is a gambler – think he has been for a long time. He had total melt down this time last year when his wife left taking their 9 month old son. With the help of Mind Matters and his immediate family we got him through that. Financially he’s a complete mess but seemed to be coping (wrong!) he’s got 50-50 residency with his son, and a surprisingly amicable relationship with his ex wife. We thought he was coming through, he started a CBT course last week and then boom this week he has done it again all his salary and more! just don’t know how to help him. I’m angry and scared, trying to deal with his dad who feels crushed and cant accept it’s an illness – just wants to punish him. His siblings are fantastic, but he pushes them away all the time – it’s all me me me!! He’s lost touch will his friends, doesn’t socialise at all unless it’s with us. He’s holding onto his (really good) job by the skin of his teeth. Just need some advice please. He has stopped going to GA meetings because ‘he’s not like them’ I can’t believe a word that comes out of his mouth. Just don’t recognise this person.