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My thoughts today I have shared in group but I don’t think anyone really got what I was saying .

I cannot understand that I have no desire or thoughts about gambling .
I have had some ongoing issues from a recent accident and I wondered could I have damaged the addicted part of my brain?

Yes I did gamble after the accident but suddenly seem to have lost the desire.

So I googled .

And there is a part of the brain called the insula .
When this is damaged addictions to drug and cigarettes can disappear. I am wondering could I have damaged this part of my brain and if so will this effect last ?
I have noticed another change also .
I have always been quite hyper – I would say perhaps I have a touch of ADHD.
I could never sit patiently and wait for people to finish their sentences . I have noticed this for my whole adult life and my interrupting is probably my worse quality . It is kind of like a gambling urge – the need to say what’s in my mind builds up until it explodes out and I feel a sense of relief it has been said. I also feel annoyed with myself that I couldn’t be polite and wait.

Recently I am able to listen for absolutely ages and with great interest (I was always interested although it didn’t come across like that ) to people talk about their grandchildren, their pets , their favourite movies etc.

I find myself being included in things and receiving invites from people I have worked with for years, where I would never been on their radar before.
I must conclude that something To do with the accident has impacted on my brain(I did get a really bad bump to the head).

Of course I have some negative post accident issues which are proving to be very stressful and annoying – reduced ability to focus, issues with my sight, speech (word recall) and memory . These are minor and I think they are improving .

So perhaps the scientific world is too focused on dopamine and highs, -maybe it’s time to look at the forgotten brain insula. Try googling and let me know what you think .