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Was ok. Last Sunday I went to see once upon a time in Hollywood with Pete. I told him not to be late but as usual ten minutes late, but did run down the road to get to me. A slow burner of a movie with a surprise end. Has good reviews but not mr Tarantino’s best in my view. We had a nice time as we usually do.
I am well. Work was ok this week, busy as usual. I spent too much in the computer game this week. Can anyone tell me how to block permanently a Facebook game on a iPad. Every time I think I have blocked it for good, it is there again. Will be co I guess back to support soon, as although I have not gambled now for 25 months I send too much on this silly game.
Lent my daughter some money and my eldest son this week. He is burning the candle both ends and missed work today as was out too late.
There is an autumn chill in the air and went shopping today. The mall was very busy, everyone having the same thoughts, autumn wardrobe. Got a few things and spoke to a lady in the m and s queue, we are not ready to let go of the summer yet. And I have dropped a dress size, now a size 12 which I haven’t been in years and I still haven’t kept 100 per cent to my diet may 75 per cent but since April have lost 21 lbs. I am now at upper limit of normal weight for my height but look quite trim. Appreciating each day, that is my reality, the art of gratitude and appreciation.
All in all