My wife turned combative today. Suddenly she wants me to keep my daughter full time. She told me her mom doesn’t want to watch my daughter anymore since I want to have main custody. “You want to have custody so bad, why don’t you start now? You think it is easy?”, she said. She wants me to pick up my daughter now. I told her to give me a few days to find a baby sitter. She was very angry. I don’t know where it came from. Perhaps her mom is angry that I am going through with the divorce, it is also possible that my wife makes everything up to put pressure on me. I think she might have been angry at my nonresponsiveness to her threat to move. Frankly, I am not suprise at any of her antics and manipulation now. She is probably very angry. Mentally I am done with her. I am also surprise that I am so calm. Hopefully she doesn’t escalate the situation.
I enrolled my daughter into a preschool (M to F) but it won’t start until September 2. It is certainly hard to find some place for 6 weeks but I will manage.

What do you think? Is she trying to manipulate me again?

Many thanks,