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That’s a tough one to answer but like with most things psychological I believe it is a combination of genetics and upbringing/life experiences/circumstances. We’re obviously genetically predisposed to potentially fall victim to a gambling but it still took the right set of circumstances to bring it out in us (for me, the widespread availability of online gambling, some stressful life events, coupled with the feeling of boredom/isolation I had when I first moved into an apartment I bought to live by myself). But for me it was always in me, I had already started losong back in my university days and kinda knew I had a problem then, but didn’t address it, and online gambling was the catalyst for bringing my addiction into full light. I think we humans often turn towarda self-defeating behaviours when we’re feeling down or other negative emotions. Gambling just so happens to be our poison of choice. Greed (imability to accept losses/always want to win more), a need for risk/excitement that comes from gambling (perhaps our lives are otherwise too mundane), impulsive risk taking/decision making and stubbornness (unwillingness to give up to gamblimg/accept our losses) may contribute towards this.