I have been strong.. and now feeling weak. I saw Craig yesterday, he looks awful. Admits to constantly gambling. I really thought he would of stopped.. divorced now for 7 months.. and I wasn’t enough.. how is that possible? Our car is in repossession because he has it and hasn’t paid.. the bank keeps calling me. I saw Craig for the first time in months, talked to him.. and now feeling guilty. He says I was his only happiness and I kept him from getting this out of control, he said he lives in his car.. the car looks like he does.. clothes etc in back seat. He then text me that he cant live with the guilt and hope is remembered for being a good dad and not a loser gambler. My mind is so mixed up today. I am scared he will finally go through with his threats of suicide.. and actually feeling that during the 20 years of marriage.. maybe I didn’t do enough… I know I did though… please help me get my self back together.. falling apart again..