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So, I’ve been trying to pick up the pieces of what used to be a life. I’m the one being punished and penalized, for someone else’s “habit” while they go on, having profited yet again, while leaving me stomped.

I got a notice from the court. The attorney who supposedly represented me in divorce is FORCING me to drive 40 miles (one way) on a suspended license because I have to show what assets I might have that she can seize. I got nothing in the divorce; my children and I even lost all of our possessions.

This is a double whammy for me, because the atty REFUSED to file anything to ensure the divorce decree was complied with. Between the hearing and the issuance of the decree, I discovered that he (ex) was in a casino when he was supposed to be in court (we were divorced at that time and he said I was abusing our children and needed restriction/supervision).

I’ve been plowing through, as I can, to figure out HOW to cope and solve the legal issues resulting from what has happened since I was thrown out of the house with nothing (his brother bought the house in a fraud, making them well over $100k profit).

Anyway, I’ve been figuring things out, but this really gets PTSD going again. I can’t help but think that if I had just given in to his DEMANDS, I wouldn’t be so badly off.

The “best” part is that I HAVE NOTHING; I am exempt. But apparently, I still have to waste my time, gas and take the risk of illegally driving … to satisfy the vulture attorney summons. The attorney made out already … and over 1/3 is finance charges … and the fees were supposed to come out of the sale of the house. But when I was trying to deal with the (engineered) foreclosure and my father dying, I was asked to sign a paper.

I suppose my solace will be looking the attorney in the face and saying, “Sorry; thanks to your efforts I have nothing attachable (four years post decree).” And then go on, facing forward.