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How is your job at the University going Ican? Have you settled in? I hope you are enjoying it and not too tired.
I just read on your other thread that you are paying hubby back. I always make a point of paying every cent I borrow from my husband. Otherwise I would feel terribly guilty. I feel like a beggar borrowing from him. He forgets that he gives me money. Same with our grown up children. They take advantage of him but I rattle their cages to make them pay up when they can. If I know they can’t I don’t mention it. They know its not about the money . Its about integrity and trust. I feel badly about my debts but because they are “faceless” creditors I can cope but I hear you about owing money to your brother. Could you set up a direct debit to pay him even a small amount every month? It will relieve the burden.
I agree that instead of saying “I will use my money and my time for other purposes” is better than saying “I won’t gamble”. Focusing on the negative can pull us down.