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Hi Rachael!
You have no idea how glad Im to be on the forum and be able to write about my problem without being judged and looked upon low.People have such similar stories here and you get unbiassed advise.
Coming to my story although not as serious reasons as yours I only discovered in the past few days my mind takes control over me and not the other way around.
Just yesterday I was at casinos and won huge amount like 20 times I put in.I was so happy and went out for lunch and treated myself with a pedicure.I was dreaming of never coming back again as I have recovered lost money in last few days with this single win.
It is hard to believe myself although it is about myself.I went back again as I had a few more hours to spend in leisure.I was planning to get my hair done and changed my mind to head back to the casinos.This time I won half of what I won last time.That was it ….I Iost control after that and now I’m disgusted even to think I put in the last dollar I had with me at that time.
I felt miserable coming back and cried all night .I got chills and rigor and still break down at the thought of it.My husband has gone on business for few days and he will be back soon.I don’t know how to face him.I feel helpless.
I keep thinking how could this happen to me?
Thanks for reading through this.Any type of advise would be great but I know it is me who has to take action.