I am new to the site. I am a gambler for a lot of reasons, mainly because I use it as an escape for the feelings of loneliness. I get very depressed, not suicidal. Been there , done that , promised God never again. I always remind myself of that . I’m capable of keeping that promise. I work hard to pay some bills ,get some necessary items, and throw the rest away. I see a therapist now, however, my improvement is slow. it does help though. I went to a GA meeting last Friday. I wanted to cry. it was painful. I did feel a need to be there and I am grateful that it exists for us to get help. I wanted to go this weekend however my work schedule didn’t allow for it. I have to admit that I could go today or tomorrow, but I gambled my money away. Now I have to save my gas for work. I feel pathetic. I have no personal support. Never have. I need someone to call me, text me, whenever , and tell me something to stop me from going. I want to buy a house, take care of my self again, just have money and not want to gamble.