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Recently I have encourage a newcomer (not a gambler) to be very familiar with obsessive, impulsive and compulsive behavior. I felt that recognizing them can alert us and save us from uncontrollable wrong doing. I didnt know that helping this newcomer have save me.

I notice that I was less impulsive after I have stop gambling for a period of time. I may have thought about gambling from time to time but was slow to act. This has given me time to respond and do other healthy thing instead.

But after I start gambling for a period of time, I start to notice that I was struggling to sleep normally. I was also becoming more and more impulsive slowly and was gambling without carefully thinking about gambling in the end. I also start to become obsessive and compulsive about checking my money over and over again that was a waste of time and energy but it gives me comfort, relief and satisfaction, a very strong sign I was falling sick due to gambling.

I would not have this much awareness if I was not familiarizing myself with them before I share with this newcomer. This awareness has help me to stop gambling when I smell and saw danger before I lost all control of myself.

The power does not come from within me. I was save by someone or something more powerful and bigger than me.