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Nick you deserve a great recovery.
Really focus on that.
It is so easy to get distracted by all that is wrong with the world – it is maybe at times easier than focusing on ourselves and where we are at.

I know that whether or not they write on this forum, no one celebrates more than the GT staff when we start to make it in recovery.
Let’s be honest – there are things I should be doing right now which I am not doing.
There are things which I let slip in my own job because I was gambling.

You have every right to be angry at the hand life has dealt you- gambling addiction is a horrible blow and I don’t know why we were chosen to have it.
Please direct that anger at the addiction.
Something that helped me was to give the addiction a name and write a really honest letter to her.
I couldn’t print it here because the language I used was choice.
I told her what I thought of her, how I was leaving her toxic friendship behind and where to go if she ever wanted to call on me again.
Could you write a similar letter and really focus your anger on the addiction ?

We’re all rooting for you Nick .