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I see a huge change in you Monica, since your first post. You have overcome lots of obstacles . Can you just go to your GP and insist on getting that medical cert as a matter of urgency! People have to eat, for God’s sake!
Can you get a GA member to go to the Social Welfare office with you and lay your case out as a priority?
How about the trip with your daughter to the coast? A break away might help.
Thanks for posting to my thread.
Yes, the support here is poor for a “Support Site” Just before I received your post I had been thinking “How long would you have to be dead before you’d be missed”?I think . across the board, most people are too caught up in there own lives to consider others. There was a time here when a member was “missing” for a few days, there would be an SOS out for them.
Read over your thread from the beginning and note the positive changes.
Keep posting. It’s a good way to offload.