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Dear dairy,
Praise God!
Without the meeting
Without the mentor
Without the fellowship
I am not falling this time

People can reject me,
Places can kick me out,
Things can be taken away from me now
It doesn’t affect me too much anymore;
my recovery does not center on them

My focus is not on people, places and things anymore
Over reliance on these have set me up to fail and relapse many times in the past
It could not help me stay stop

It is ODAAT for me now
I seek God daily
Focusing on God one day at a time
Listening to His Word
Obeying, following and walking closely with Him

Outside, people, places and things can change
Inside, nothing changes, He is in my heart

I can be alone, or in the company of many,
in the desert, or in the church
With or without good job, much or little money

I no longer feel the kind of prolong loneliness, emptiness
Sadness and hopelessness that made me self-medicate

I am not alone