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What a joke!! The Site I “had fun” on, sent me an email announcing that I have reached VIP status (in reality they are saying they have copped on to my maniacal style of gambling), congratulated me on my “win”, reassured me it’s on it’s way to my bank and even had the audacity to ask what I intend spending it on!!!?!? Do they not realize they are blowing their cover? I’m wide awake today. My mind is clear. I’m waiting for the “win” to hit my account. I will remove it in 4 stages and replace the void gambling created in my Post Office Account.

Will I tell my VIP Special Assistant this? No. I will delete the email.

I just went shopping. (Had cash set aside for that) Used vouchers to get the best value so that indicates traces of normality.

Gambling comes with a high price tag. “Winnings”ALWAYS have strings attached. I have plans made for the week that do not include using the laptop except for short spells. (Glad I’m not in France -40 degrees forecast!!)