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Nope, he still says he didn’t do it. I called him at school that morning and the first call he didn’t answer. The second call he answered and guess what? He got a referral! Ha ha. I got the call this morning from the Dean. He has work detail after school on Thurs. For 2 hours. I told the Dean it was me that called him, but he explained that my son answered the phone and then proceeded to walk out of the classroom to talk to me. If every student did that, there would be chaos. I just said, yes sir, and laughed to myself. That kid knew he better answer me. He knows what he did. I am going to make him wash and vacuum my car this week. He is sticking by his story, but his behaviour is very telling. Usually, he tells the truth when he is caught, but I just don’t know this time. It is kind of a tactic he is using to make me doubt myself. I did that with my Mom. I would borrow her clothes and “forget” to put them back. She would be looking for a blouse or something and it would be gone. Knowing it was me, knowing she hadn’t worn it. I would look right at her and LIE! My poor kid, he doesn’t understand what a terrible teenager I was. My memory is still pretty good, so he’s not fooling me very often. I also tell him, whatever we don’t catch him at, God still knows. My sister calls him Jonah. She tells him “you can’t run forever you will still end up in Nineva”. She says he’s going to be a minister and won’t he have the best pulpit stories about how God turned him around! I will add your children to my prayer list, your baby, we will thank God in advance for the change in him:)