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Not necessary to share. At all. Keep it to yourself.

That’s the way problems were dealt with in the past. Why not hide it, from ourselves…and strangers on the web.

My grandfather was the baddest man in town. You didn’t **** with him or you’d get your ass handed to you. My grandmother, after he’d been drinking on Christmas Day pleaded with him to not drink THIS particular day. For that, she got a pretty punch in the face. Glass in her eye, because she wore glasses. My uncle took her to the hospital to get the glass removed.

When my grandpa woke up th next day and had explained to him what THIS drunken rage caused (of course, more preceeded), he swore he’d never touch liquor again.

He didn’t.

Neither did my father. Not that he wasn’t without his faults, but they never included liquor…he’s never even tasted it.

Thank you for sharing your story to “strangers” on the internet. Thank you and thank you some more.

I no longer describe myself as a narcissist and a thrill seeker. No, that’s me. I define myself as such.

I not only find sanctuary on this web platform, I find strength. Hope. Resilience.

Not because I don’t know you, but because I do.

Thank you!