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Thanks again IDI. No, not boring. I realize there are giving, caring people like you that are taking time to help. And it sounds like you are genuine, and your goal is to help others with their addiction. I imagine this helps you as well, a karma influx of positive energy.

So, if I wanted to trade options again I would have to call my broker and ask them to enable it. I suppose I could call and beg them to ignore me if I ever call and ask to enable it.

That possibility seems quite remote. I think I mentioned in the beginning this was my only gambling binge. To be honest the thought of ever trading options again makes me physically ill.

Today is tough. Wife is crying, and crying. Today we sell two of the cats. All of this is starting to register with her. And with me.

So, today I will ask my higher power for the strength and will to keep going.

I visualize a day, when we can have some level of stability.