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Not sure how to feel about this. With my brother’s money, and some money that a casino refunded – I excluded for problem gambling and they agreed to reopen the account – I now sit at 25k credit card debt. Pretty happy that I will be saving almost $400 a month in interest payments alone. 25k to me also seems like a more manageable number, and not some dark cloud that’s ruining my life. I’ve also successfully applied for relief from interest payments from covid-19 – I had a modest salary decrease. I have also, in the past 10 days, probably spent about $80 and when I get my paycheque on Friday the entire thing is going to one of my balances.
nThe biggest thing I have done is to write to every payment processor online to permanently exclude me and to, under no condition, reopen the account. I just tried to deposit money in my favourite online casino and confirmed I am no longer able to deposit online. I feel like I should be pretty happy right now but part of me is really sad for some f’d up reason. I guess I should be happy in the past week I’ve gotten $6,000 back and now have no way of gambling online, but I actually feel pretty down. Scary disease.