Oh, also on telling his family … I don’t know what the consensus would be, but I think that also depends on how well you are acquainted and whether you truly believe they don’t know. Maybe if there is a member you are close to, you could have a conversation and include your concern(s), depending on the receptiveness. Or at least give them a link to a site like this one.

I actually did talk with his mother after he filed; turns out that most of his relatives are enablers (of him) and that I actually had been expected to “take care of him”, I guess to keep their level of “involvement” to a minimum. I only say that because of all that has occurred and reinterpreting things from the past (interactions of mine with relatives) with the hindsight new information makes possible. I think there was a level of knowledge there in his relatives, at least some of them, and this was kept deliberately from me. So if you choose to speak with them, don’t be surprised if you get poor reception … just know you did the best you could with what you had to work with … and with the concern for all involved in your mind and heart.