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Oh Lovely P,
thank you girl for remembering me. Sometimes it feels like I have been away for so long that I have nothing to say. Of course, once I start typing……
The caravan is absolutely brilliant!!! we have been on 2 trips since my last post and I just love it. Ive bought myself a pair of winter wellies, grey with pink polka dots!!! Perfect for camping! We aren’t due for another trip now until September, it is soooo cold we are waiting for a bit of sun to go again, and of course it gives us time to do a few things to the van. We almost have it set up perfectly.
Dames and I have 5 glorious days in Darwin early August, my sisters 2 sons partners had their babies on the same day, so its only fitting they are getting christened on the same day and I decided we really needed to go and catch up with my northern family. I miss them. Its only a few days but im sure we will have a lovely time, especially if dames gets some fishing in!!!!
So, gambling news……..on the 11th June I hit the 6 year mark. 6 years and 1 slip….not bad for someone who was so consumed with gambling that her whole life went to hell. Just another day of course, I did remember and I did quietly smile to myself. I never ever ever thought I could go a week without gambling, let alone 6 years!
So….that’s me for now. Im doing ok, the last 6 weeks or so have been pretty tight, Dames hasn’t had a lot of work and neither have I for that matter but we have managed to scrape through. Im back in full swing now and hopefully Dames is too. Im really living a day at a time at the moment…..difficult to look ahead when the money is short but hey, it could be a hellava lot worse that’s for sure!!!
Im going to have a quick browse through the forum. Hope you are all doing as well as you can do, today.
Love K xxxxxx