(I found this between 2 posts on 5/03/2013)
Hi Adele
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Hi Adele

The mere thought of Mr V singing in French is enough to scare the horses!

This is my first post on the new site and you are my guinea pig.

It’s been a while since you posted so I can’t really comment on your situation – how about an update.

Speak soon


(Now here’s my post … ugh!)

Hello V!

It is so good to hear your humor again. I hope your holiday in France was wonderful!

Mr. V’s French crooning wouldn’t have scared us guinea pigs! (oink oink! … wait, do guinea pigs oink or snort?)

This is my first ‘Purple Post’ too. I’m sorry to say I became too frustrated when the site came back up (things are frustrating enough around here .. lol) and decided it was probably best I stayed away ‘til things improved (my mood for instance) lest I spew asterisks everywhere…

Our beloved site does seem to have come out of surgery too soon, and missing vital parts.

Glad you’re back! I’ll post more later if this one turns out OK … eeesh