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Ok, well done on that realisation.

Now you have a 2nd question to ask/answer yourself. You will probably have read on other threads about this being a progressive problem. It’s true, if we carry on gambling the stakes get bigger, the amount of time we spend gambling gets longer. More importantly though the number of “Yeses” we score increases.

So the question we all have to decide on is – do we want to take the tough steps now? maybe some of the steps our addiction is giving us “reasons” not to take? Or later when we are deeper in trouble and those yeses increase?

You have banned yourself from sites? Great of course but as you have found, there are other sites. How about gettign a blocker for your PC? How about finding a way to make yourself accountable for your finances so that you can’t gamble in secret? Can your partner help with that?

The sort of thing that will help us stop gambling, like barriers, using support like here or GA etc serve a dual purpose. As well as making it hard for us to gamble they help start rebuilding trust etc. they give those around us cause to think “Hey, maybe he/she means it this time”

Keep posting and let us know the positive steps you are taking.