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On another note, Reading that you got yourself into some debt and feel hopeless. Before I went on my bender last weekend, I had myself in good financial standing. I haven’t racked up the amount of debt you have but I can feel for you. Someone that changed my life financially was Dave Ramsey. He’s a radio/youtube financial guy. I would really recommend you listening to his advice on Youtube on getting out of debt and having the steps necessary in order to achieve it. He calls it the 7 baby steps. As long as you can free yourself from the gambling and work hard to knock away the debt you’ll see yourself back in no time with your income. That is what I plan on doing, to straighten myself up again. You’ll see after listening to him and the people that call in, that we aren’t in as terrible shape as we think in our mind. And it can be done! Hope this helps in some way.