Hi, Monique! Yes, dreams interest me a lot. I was having lots of nightmares back in 1998, when problems really developed. I kept a dream diary for a few years. I’ve also had many over these past several years that are themed around him “tricking me” or trying to kill me.

I’ve read the theory that everyone in the dream may represent the dreamer, but sometimes I do think that there can be warnings and such from the part of us (intuition) that hasn’t been completely quashed by the “training” we receive in school and the like. I read “The Gift of Fear” back then, too, and it talked about how we ignore (often) subtle cues that otherwise would be very informative to us.

I actually had a dream before we EVER went out. In the dream, he knocked at the door to pick me up, but his eyes were this really weird shade of pink-red. Sort of like how they get from crying, but not quite. I never had such a dream before dating someone … and that was “about it” or all I remember … just like there was something there, trying to warn me but the choice was mine. I received the (strong) impression that either he would hurt me very badly, or I him.

So now, I do pay attention to dreams where someone is trying to kill/do me harm. I’ve come to realize it might be metaphorical, in that they are not literally trying to kill me, but killing a part of me … and that is likely not in my best interest!

LOL I fell asleep on the stool the other day … have been so exhausted and all I remember was trying to keep my head above water. I woke back up within a few minutes; most of the night dreams I don’t remember lately (again).