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On the 14th it will be two months since I gambled. I sat down and went back through the calendar and that is three times in nearly 8 months. That is amazing! I am not cured, but I feel like I am moving in the right direction.
Yesterday was my daughter’s birthday and my husband and I both took the day off. We went to the zoo. My daughter invited a childhood friend, so the five of us went. Our son wrote her a poem that made me cry. She was a preemie with lots of complications when she was born. He took bits of the real story and mixed it up a little ( he has only our stories to go by). It was so sweet to know that he recognized that she is a miracle. She was so frail and had multiple health problems. That her younger brother took the time to write something like that, just made me so happy. His last line was, God has a plan for you….
I am so blessed that they are close.
So about the zoo… sprinkled rain off and on, then it started storming. We got stuck under a gazebo for an hour and a half. Had to walk out in a flood to leave, the rain just would not stop, noone around, but us. I think there were only about 6 cars in the parking lot when we left. Had to buy two pairs of flip flops, a beach towel and a dry shirt at the gift shop, can you say “cha-ching?” Very expensive! But I can honestly say I have no memory of my 22nd birthday, and my daughter will never forget hers!! Ha ha! At one point, we were all squeezed into a bench togeth, our feet hurt from pacing the gazebo. I now know all about Okapis and the Maribou Stork, also called the undertaker stork. I was a little concerned about the lightening and tried not to believe that ugly bird was an omen….lol. Horrible weather, but awesome day! It was an adventure.