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Hi Steph,

I can understand how you feel, I was addicted to video/slot machines too, it was terrible to be addicted to video/slot machines, it has rob me of all the things important to me and brought insanities into my life.

Me too, must stop gambling on the slot machines.When the slot machine use stops, the insanity brought by slot machine use also stop.

I have applied for self exclusion ban from the casino and it has help make it more difficult for me to use the slot machine when I want to, it has made it more inconvenience for me, it slow me down and gave me more time to alter my course.

I cannot use the slot machine. it was not an option.

At the same time, if I do not use the slot machine to alter my mood, I should not be using alcohol to alter my mood because it is the same quick fix for me, alcohol use only affect my thinking and decision making and send me back to the slot in the end.

Grateful to be free from slot machine and alcohol use today.