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A bank called me one day recently after more than 6 years of no contact and inform me that I have an outstanding loan. I felt lousy for days. It is going to be an additional burden on top of what I already have now.

I don’t have much choice or do I ?

I choose to accept it, not numb it and face them.

The same bank called me yesterday, they investigated and decide that I do not need to pay them anymore, they check and found out I have repaid the full principle and will be sending me a letter of full settlement.

All the outstanding sum and interest are written off. It was unbelievable and a miracle, I have kept all their document for record purposes out of guilt, I knew I have not completed repaying all the interest and I will need those documents one day. Now I can throw them all away, one less burden.

I was very tired after work yesterday. I have an urge to drink and gamble last night, I felt like calming my nerve, getting high and self medcate, instead I ended up downloading many of my favorite songs on to a MP3. I dd that for more than 2 hours until the urge left me.

Thank God. All glory goes to God.