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Mark P

Rainman you are not alone at all. I too have similar traits with one exception. When my wife and i separated i dated only women with money who paid for everything. I thought money would make me happy. I didn’t. When i was married i found every excuse i gamble. My wife didnt make much money and i said i needed to make more to support or get what i thought we should have. She never wanted material things she wanted me and yet i spent my time working or going to the casinos. I have since stopped dating for money and now date my ex wife. Only divorce for 3 mons separated for 9 months so a year apart. I am now working myself out of debt. Not alot but boy 10 hr days are exhausting. . stay strong. And hold your head high theres more to you then this CG.. As i type this to you i too feel the weakness that gambling brings. We need and do support each other here..lean on us in times of weakness and provide encouragement and advice in times of strength. .we are listening. .