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Founded in 2004, ONE HOPE CENTRE is a faith-based non-profit voluntary welfare organisation setup to help members of the public (regardless of race and religion) who are affected by problem gambling and related issues, through counselling, support groups, education and intervention with an aim to restore life to normalcy.
The consequences from compulsive gambling that often lead to being heavily indebted, create a host of other problems that include anxiety, fear, family crisis and social ills. One Hope Centre hopes to alleviate these consequences by providing hope amidst hopelessness.
Over the years, OHC has handled hundreds of cases related to compulsive gambling and reckless borrowing. These have provided us with a good understanding of how best to reach out to the affected. Our accumulated experience from conducting support groups, individual and family counselling, as well as recovery programs enables us to take a holistic approach to the recovery of our clients.
8 New Industrial Road, #04-04B
LHK 3 Building
Singapore 536200
Tel: 6547 1011 (4 lines)