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James, it’s not easy undoing or getting out of the grip of gambling but you must want to stop. I’m an online slots gambler. I’ve kept the backdoor open while trying to control my gambling and be normal. It didn’t work. I lost loads of money but it didn’t affect my outgoings but that changed this year. It seems that one progresses to this level where it’s all about gambling with no regard for the rest. I’ve gambled with my salary this year and lost everything including my bonus in March. That was a very bitter pill to swallow but still wouldn’t self exclude.

I’m going into GMA next week and didn’t gamble this month cos I had no money to gamble. One day before payday, Vera challenged me to self exclude for life. I toyed with the idea and decided then it was the only way and secured my salary.
But only now have I decided I want to stop gambling for life. Until we get to that point, we’ll keep chasing our tail and stay in this vicious cycle. I’ve also read on here about the book, Easy way to stop gambling so I’ve bought it and it should be delivered today.

You have the right focus, James. Just turn your back on it. Seems you’re surrounded by casinos wherever you go so self excluding is one barrier. Learning to stop and understand what triggers the gambling will help more in getting this addiction out of your system and replacing it with positive, meaningful things in life. Try to watch this. It’s not long but will bring a smile to your face. “Stop It” Skit by Bob Newhart.

Stay strong and focused today and the urges will subside.