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Thanks Velvet.

I do understand about the sibling thing and I make a concerted effort not to discuss her brothers with my daughter. It was only because she worked at the hospital that I broached the subject. I also understand that she has lived with the addiction first hand and is more than aware what it entails.

I had a sister, she committed suicide at 23 when I was pregnant with my cg, who is about to turn 23. I don’t have any other siblings. I remember my mother telling people about my sister when she died, things that had happened in her life. And I would think, that wasn’t her, that happened to me! I felt rejected, unloved etc.

I am positive my partner and daughter have had enough and I agree that in most families someone bares the brunt of things and while someone is doing that the pressure is off the others. Well I am not as strong as I usedto be and I am at cracking point. I have other things going on in my life and I do not have the energy to deal with everything on my own. I will make an appointment to see the doctor tomorrow, luckily his office is opposite the physiotherapist I’m seeing every other day at the moment. I go back to work tomorrow too and french lessons in the evening. I think its going to be a busy day. Thanks for caring Velvet, Adele and Monique. Take care x