I’ve clicked on my horoscope today … don’t do it very often and this sums it up …’ You may be playing nursemaid again, and this time you may be bandaging heart, spirit or soul as well as body and mind. Someone you care about is struggling with a religious or spiritual crisis and is reaching out to you for help you don’t feel qualified to give.’

I feel upset, angry, very disappointed and a bit of a failure for not being strong. I see my son heading for a criminal life and homeless. He’s not looking after himself, was pulled in at work for ‘not looking right’. He’s got mixed up in payday loans which are crippling him, so he’s not eaten for days is stressed to the hilt. I did send him some last night (i didn’t want to), so he could eat something. Of course I don’t know if he did, he told me he did. Being in another country I have no idea what the ‘real’ story is.

Within 20 minutes of dealing with him, my daughter tells me she had a mental breakdown in the middle of town yesterday too and was told to ‘calm down’ by two policemen.

On top of this I mistakenly called my ex mother-in-law about my ex, BIG MISTAKE, she accused me of abandoning my children and her words have been ringing in my ears all week. I don’t need her to make me feel guilty, I’m very good at that myself!! Of course, her precious son could do no wrong!! Arghh she will never accept the bullying of myself and my children by him. What a vicious circle.

So I feel very mixed up, energy low (back to hospital next week :)) and vulnerable.

Onwards and upwards.